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One statement, a command that has now developed into a volume of a book that generations present and next can make reference to; research into and join in SPREADING THE LIGHT OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST till Jesus return. This vision is sustained by a community of light bearers.


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His Glory.


1, Edokpolo Close,
off 1st Federal Road,
New Benin, Benin City,


Our vision is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the dark world


We shine our light in the dark world. we ignite each other and build a community of light bearers. We refuel our light through fellowship and when we step out, we shine brighter and brighter.


As a church organization, we impact on society beginning from our immediate environment with the love and power of Christ poured into our hearts. Through knowledge and divine wisdom teaching men of different age, sex, race and groups, to know and worship Him as King and Lord of all. A commitment which is replicated in vaious arms of GLIM bringing alive the spirit of the word, evident in all areas of human endeavor(s).

The Story

The name Gospel Light did not just come as a mental research. By the circumstances which surrounded me at that point in time, I had cause to leave town, cease from circulation to go and pray. This actually took place at the Precious Palm Royal Hotel (along Benin Ugbowo, Lagos Road). Room No 404 was where I lodged to seek the face of God.

I was confused due to the many troubles that surrounded me then. There I encountered God and he told me to unconditionally forgive all those I perceived hurt me and He insisted that I did that before he told me the next stage or step to be taken.

“Lord but you know that all they are saying about me is not true”, and God said to me, “if you want to be useful to me unconditionally forgive them, let them go”.

That I did then. In fact in that vision, He put a light in my hand and asked me to continue to light others with the light in my hand and whosoever I did that to also continued to light others and before you knew it, there was a large assembly of light bearers. That is how the Gospel Light came to be. That vision is still what we are pushing, whether through TV, our humanitarian outreach (Life Lift Int’l.), educational arm, etc, that vision is still there with us.

The best days are yet to comeRev. Felix I. Omobude, General Superintendent

Our Staff

Meet our


Joshua A. Omoregie

Joshua A. Omoregie

Ass. General Superintendent Admin
M. O. Jimoh-Kadiri

M. O. Jimoh-Kadiri

Ass. General Superintendent Pastoral
Paul O. Ross-Imeinwanrin

Paul O. Ross-Imeinwanrin

Resident Pastor


About Church

History & Value

Brief From Church History

Gospel Light International Ministries (GLIM) a.k.a. New Covenant Gospel Church, was founded officially on Sunday, January 3, 1988. The International Headquarters of the Ministry is based in the ancient City of Benin in Southern Nigeria. It was founded by Rev Dr. Felix I. Omobude, one of Nigeria's foremost Gospel ministers. New Covenant Gospel Church is a leading Pentecostal church in Nigeria, with over 80 branch churches and several other affiliate ministries spread across the nation and overseas.

Our Core Values

Values are what we consider important and worthwhile. Commonly held Core Values are the key to unity and are the foundation upon which all activity must be based. Paul encourages us to be ``like-minded`` and ``one in spirit and purpose`` (Phil.2:2). We are committed to developing and pursuing Biblical Kingdom values. Our goal is to help people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.