Pst. Abiola T. Omobude

Pst. Abiola T. Omobude

Pastor (Mrs) Abiola Theodora Omobude is a woman of many parts. She is a singer, preacher of the word, a mother per excellence and a very dependable friend. She has stood over the years with Dr. Felix Omobude both building the home and the church.
A woman of prayers, she commits herself to the ministry of the labour room prayers. Her philosophy is Work and Worship the King of her heart, who is so passionate about.

A gifted singer and a lover of music, she has from the inception of the ministry has been with the church choir, from being the director to now committing herself to mentoring the younger generation. She has a musical album titled The King of My Heart with others in the kitting.

She is an ardent believer of the Word of God and that our daily activities are to be anchored on the word. To this end, she alongside some other female ministers established the Network of Female Ministers. The group is devoted to raising well-equipped female ministers and pastors’ wives who will live up to the expectations of God from them and that of their husbands
and the congregation.

Pastor Theodora Omobude is the President General of the Covenant Women Fellowship. She works passionately with the women of the church meeting with them every Tuesday in their fellowship. Her goal is to raise Godly women who are lovers of God and home builders equipped to with their husbands address the spiritually, financial and developmental needs of their families.

She is also the Coordinator General of the Gospel Light Campus Outreach (GLCO), the church’s campus fellowship for undergraduates in tertiary institutions. She provides leadership and mentorship to these young students by direct contacts with them and through their Campus leaders. She devotes her time, prayer and resources to raise a new generation of young, credible
leaders who will take over the baton of leadership and ministry from her generation.

If you ask her greatest passion, she will tell you it is to please her Master. She wants to stand before him blameless and accounted worthy to enter into His Kingdom.

She is blessed with two wonderful children Ebenezer and Sarah and many spiritual children who call her blessed for, she is a mother indeed.