TEXT: LUKE19: 11-27

INTRODUCTION: The gift of salvation and the accompanying benefits should lead to our loyalty
and practical expression of gratitude. Our reasonable service to Him should be the investment
of the resources that have been deposited in us for the expansion of His kingdom on earth. The
drive to having an appropriate zeal for God’s work is in the realization of the fact that we are
debtors to the unbelievers. God has provided us with the tools, spiritual and physical to use to occupy and succeed in the
task He assigned to us till Christ’s return.

1) What does God’s business entail: Neh. 2:1-5, 11-18 & Ps. 69:9; Jn. 6:27-29; I Cor. 4:1-3; Lk. 19:13-27; Mk. 16:14-20
God’s business entails manifesting the love of God, building God’s house with righteous zeal, bringing people to the knowledge of God by faith as faithful stewards of the mysteries of God.
It also involves investing our talents, material, and spiritual gifts for the expansion of the
kingdom of God. It includes preaching the gospel of salvation with accompanying deliverance
from captivity and sickness

2) The instruments that have been made available to us:
Jn. 14;23-26 & Eph. 4:7-13; Mk. 16:17; Act 2:41
The instruments made available to us include the Grace of God, gifts of the Holy Spirit, His
name, and Word. These are accessed through prayers and faith.

And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, ‘Occupy
till I come.’

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