TEXT: Matthew 25:14-46

The determinants of prosperity discussed last week were the need to depend on the leading of God , be lovers of God’s Word and faithfulness in the Lord’s vineyard. Today, we shall study the second part of the topic.

The Word of God enjoins us to be generous. A consistent giver never lacks. Our Lord Jesus Christ declared in Lk6:38 that the degree of our prosperity is proportional to the measure of our giving. We lend unto the Lord when we give to the poor. Giving is thus a privileged. Every believer that desires to be prosperous must be diligent. He needs to be organized, focused and plan carefully towards a predetermined goal. Prosperity does not come by mere declaration. Diligence can be equated to the WORK component of your FAITH (declaring and believing) in prosperity. Never forget that faith without works is dead.


Discuss the topic under the subheadings below:



Pro11:25; Lk6:38; Pro19:17; Mt25:36-40

Giving unlocks the doors of prosperity. The measure we give is related to the measure we receive. When we give (material things, love, hope etc) to the needy, we lend to the Lord who promised in His Word to reward us in return. We should always consider it a privilege when placed in position to give to the needs of others rather than being arrogant. God is capable of taking it away and giving it to another person.



Pro21:5; Pro13:4; Pro22:29; Mt25:20-21; 2Thes3:7-10; Is54:2-3

Lack is the portion of the lazy person while abundance is for the industrious. The diligent is not idle but rather looks for work to do. He is busy, active and engaged in profitable activities of body, soul and spirit. Any able bodied man who is unwilling to work should not eat. We are to enlarge the place of our tent and stretch forth the curtains of our habitations in faith for God who is ever faithful to fill it for us.



Proverbs 11:25 KJV* The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself.

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