TEXT: EXODUS 33:9-16; ACTS 2:1-8, 18-21

INTRODUCTION: We established in the first part of the study of this topic, that the manifest glory of God referred to as His Shekinah glory is the divine presence of God. It is the visible manifestation of God on earth. keeping our vessels sanctified, abiding in His presence, a prayerful lifestyle, and living a life of worship were factors identified as catalysts to experiencing His glory. Today we shall examine the second part of the topic. These are walking in faith and obedience, seeking unity rather than division amongst one another, and ensuring that our offerings are acceptable to Him. There is also the need to die to self and dwell in His secret place. It is God’s will that we experience His glory. He did this by removing the barriers inherent in the old covenant and giving us unfettered access through the blood of Jesus Christ who became our faithful High Priest. He is the brightness of God’s glory and faith in Him enables us to reflect the glory of God. May we draw on His grace that is freely available to dwell in His presence and manifest His glory to all creation.  What are the practical ways of experiencing and manifesting the glory of God?


a) WALK IN FAITH AND OBEDIENCE: Heb. 11:6; Mt. 8:6-10, 13; Deu. 28:1-14b) LIVE IN UNITY WITH ONE ANOTHER: Act2:1-4; Ps. 133:1-3; Mt. 18:20c) ENSURE YOUR OFFERINGS ARE ACCEPTED BY GOD: Num.7:89; 1Sam7:9-10; 2Cor9:6-8; Mal1:6-8d) DIE TO SELF: Jn. 12:23-25; 1Cor. 15:41-43; Mt. 5:3-5,9,11-12; Heb. 2:9; Mk. 10:29-30 MEMORY VERSE: Exodus 33:14 KJV “And he said, My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest.”

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