TEXT: PSALM 121: 1-8
INTRODUCTION: Life, as you all know, is full of challenges, and these manifest in every area of life’s endeavor. The fact still remains that for the believers in Christ Jesus, God is our refuge and strength, and very present help in the time of trouble. Although this is the plain truth, the fact still remains that many Christians all over the world, are unable to access this help, whenever they are in trouble. Rev. Felix Omobude preached on a series on this which was concluded last Sunday on how we can access the help that comes from above. Get the CD for this series and listen to it over and over again as it will bless you richly. The following are some basic things that we also need to do as individuals, in order to access the help that comes from above – the Almighty God. 

(1) LOOK UP: Ps. 121: 1-2; 34:5; 123:1; Jn. 11:41; Acts 7: 55When we look up to God, from whom comes our help, our life is impacted positively because He is the creator of heaven and earth. When we look up to God almighty in every situation we find ourselves, we will not experience shame in our lives. As Christians, we should cultivate the habit of looking to God in absolute dependence, because He neither fails nor does He disappoint. 

(2) STAND UPON HIS PROMISES: Ps. 121:3-5; 16: 8; 46:5; 55:22; 125:1, I Kgs. 8:56When we stand on the promises of God, he will cause us not to be moved and we will never be disappointed because as our keeper, He neither sleeps nor slumbers. When we make sure that God is always in our midst, we will not be moved; the help He sends to us will always reach us early. The promises of God in Christ Jesus are yea and amen, hence the need to stand upon them at all times. 

(3) DEPEND ON HIM ABSOLUTELY: Ps. 121: 6-8, Ps. 127: 1; Jer. 10: 23; Jn. 3: 27, II Cor. 3:5We need to depend on God absolutely whenever we are faced with the challenges of life, to receive help from Him. When we do this, He will preserve our going out and coming in. Whatever we do in life, which God is not involved in will amount to anything. One cannot receive anything except it is given to one from heaven. 

CONCLUSION: When we, as Christians learn to look up; stand upon His promises and depend absolutely upon Him, we will not only receive the help we need to go through life successfully, His strength will be made perfect in our weakness. May the almighty God help us to accomplish this daily in Jesus name. Amen. 

MEMORY VERSE: Hebrews 13:6B“The Lord is my helper.”


  1. Segun Marcus Ibitoye : April 19, 2024 at 5:35 pm

    More grace sir, what an impactful teaching.

  2. Segun Marcus Ibitoye : April 19, 2024 at 5:35 pm

    More grace sir,

  3. Segun Marcus Ibitoye : April 19, 2024 at 5:36 pm

    More grace sir, it an impactful message

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