TEXT: LK 17: 11- 19


In a few weeks from now,  the year 2019 will pass away to usher in 2020.

Expectedly, it had its ups and downs. On the whole, we have a reason to give thanks to the Lord for the gift of life. The church has set aside a day for us to especially appreciate God corporately for all He did for us in the course of the year and to thank Him in advance for what He will do in the coming year.

We have many reasons to thank God for. It is a privilege to have Him dwell in our bodies by making us His temple. We cannot pay the debt of sin and death. Giving of thanks is the reasonable service we can offer for all He has done for us. Today’s study thus focuses on thanks offering that is pleasing to Him. 

The thanksgiving that God accepts must be God-centered, come from a forgiving heart that is at peace and joyous without bitterness. It should be sacrificial and from a willing heart. 

As we prepare for this year’s Thanksgiving, may we not offer the sacrifices of fools in Jesus’ name. Amen.

From the scriptures below, discuss the conditions necessary for our thanksgiving to be acceptable?

(a) Ps. 103:2, Mt. 15:8, Lk. 17:15-18  (b) Jonah 2:9, Mk. 12:41-44 

(c) Ps. 100:1-2 , Heb. 13:15  (d) Exo. 25:2, II Cor. 9:7-8    (e) Habb3:17-19 (f) Mt. 5:23-24


Luke 17:17 ”And Jesus answering said, Were there not ten cleansed? but where are the nine?”

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