TEXT: PSALM 100:1-5


 Last week, we established beyond doubt the need for us to offer thanks to God. Today we shall examine the process and the kind of thanksgiving that pleases Him. This is against the backdrop that many churches and believers are currently celebrating their annual thanksgiving ceremonies. It is only the thanks offered as prescribed by God in the scriptures that is acceptable to Him. In addition to following the right process, the thanksgiving that God accepts should be sacrificial, unconditional, from a forgiving and cheerful heart. It must not be done out of compulsion. May the grace to continually offer thanks that is pleasing to God be our portion always in Jesus’ name. 


1) The activities God expects from us in the course of offering thanks that God accepts. (a) Neh. 11:17 (b) II Chr. 5:13-14 (c) Ps. 50:14 (d) Ps. 26:7 In order to achieve the goal of offering thanks that God accepts, the process should commence with prayers. This includes songs of praise with instruments of worship preferably when these are available. We should endeavor to fulfill our past commitments to Him such as redeeming our past vows. We must not be economical with telling  His wondrous works.

2) Thanksgiving that pleases God. (a) Lev. 7:12; II Sam. 24:24-25 (b) Exod. 25:2-7 (c) Ps. 103:1; Mt. 15:8 (d) II Cor. 9:7 (e) Hab. 3:17-19 (f) Mt. 5:23-24
Thanksgiving that pleases God should be sacrificial, from a willing heart and done cheerfully with gladness. It should be without any bitterness and must be unconditional. 


Psalm 50:14 KJV “Offer unto God thanksgiving; and pay thy vows unto the most High:” 

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