TEXT: John 10:26-30


Security is the state of being free from danger or threat.  Individuals and nations commit huge resources to prevent losses or breach of security since prehistoric times and more so now with advances in technology in the modern era.  How well this is done is seen as a veritable index of human development. It has however become increasingly clear that despite the sophistication of modern society that security transcends civilization, social stratum, or geographic location. The Bible is replete with passages on security promised by God to the believer in Christ, apparently mindful of the potential dangers that exist physically and spiritually regardless of where he or she (believer) lives or domiciles. This study takes a look at the promises of God to individuals on security in diverse situations. 


 1. Security against evil: I Jn. 5:18, Ps. 105:14, Gen. 20:3, Gen. 31:24, Gen. 35:5, Ps. 18:2-6; Jer. 1:18-19.

2. Security against losses: Mal. 3:10-12, Ex. 23:25-26, Gen. 26:14, Ps. 105:37

3. Security against diseases and incapacitation: Deut. 7:15, Prov. 3:7-8, 4:22 

Conclusion: This study is a reminder of God’s agenda on security and active knowledge of it makes the believer impregnable in a largely insecure world. 

Memory verse: Psalm 105: 14.“He suffered no man to do them wrong and he reproved kings for their sakes.”

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