TEXT:  GENESIS 8: 1-6; PSALM 121: 7-8

INTRODUCTION:  Noah had gone through a difficult time of his life. Based on God’s instruction he built an ark that will house his household and every species of animals and birds on earth for preservation. The ark was a huge three-story monument, which was a lot of work. When God remembered Noah, it was time for Noah to come out of the stress and start a new life all over again. In this study, we shall look closely at some cases of people that God remembered in the Scriptures, and what was the resultant effect. 


1) NOAH: Genesis 8:1 – This talks about preservation. When God remembered Noah, the human race, all the animals and birds were preserved. God will remember you, and preserve you and all your concerns. 

2) SARAH & RACHAEL: Gen. 21: 1; Gen. 30: 22 – This talks about fruitfulness. God remembered Sarah and Rachael and their years of barrenness were over. If you are barren in any area of your life, God will remember you, and that barrenness will be over in Jesus’ name. Fruitfulness shall be your portion. 

3) ABRAHAM: Gen. 19: 29. – This talks about deliverance from destruction. When God remembered Abraham, Lot was delivered from the destruction of Sodom. What destroys others will not destroy you because God will remember you. 

4) THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL IN EGYPT: Exo. 2: 24 – This talks about deliverance from bondage and stagnation. When God remembered the children of Israel in Egypt, their generational bondage and affliction were over. Whatever be the covenant or promise God made to you, He will remember you and bring them to pass. 

5) HANNAH: I Samuel 1: 11,19 – This stalks about breaking of reproaches and sorrow. When God remembered Hannah, her reproach and sorrow ended. Whatever be the reproaches or sorrow in your life, God will remember you and they shall be brought to an end.

6) NEHEMIAH: Nehemiah 13: 14, 22, 31 – This talks about the reward of our labour of love. When Nehemiah was rebuilding the broken walls of Jerusalem, he prayed again and again that God should remember him and give him the due reward for his labour of love and God did. Your labour of love shall be rewarded.

 CONCLUSION It is time for God to remember you, to show you mercy, to answer your prayers, and give you the long-awaited miracle. Believe Him for it and you will celebrate, just like all whom God remembered and blessed. 

MEMORY VERSEPsalm 106: 4 “Remember me, O Lord, with the favour that thou bearest unto thy people: O visit me with thy salvation.”

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