TEXT: Deuteronomy 28: 1-14


Last week we discussed the meaning of blossoming and the conditions we need to fulfill in order to blossom. Today we shall discuss the second part of the conditions needed to blossom. 

Honoring God with our substance and generosity to our fellow man leads to fruitfulness. The righteous is destined to flourish. We are righteous in Christ Jesus. We should endeavor to be diligent in all we do as even the thoughts of the diligent tend to plenty 

In addition, we also need the grace to identify the resources and gifts that God brings along our paths in order for us to appropriate such for our benefit.


From the scriptures below discuss the conditions to be fulfilled in order to blossom:

1) Be a giver: Mal. 3:8-12, Pro. 3:9-10, Pro. 28:8, 22: 26
2) Live a righteous life: Ps. 92:12; Deut. 11:13-15; Rm. 3:21-25; Rm. 10: 4, 9-10
3) Be diligent: Pro. 28:19; Pro. 10:4; Pro. 21:5; Pro. 22:29
4) Appreciate and appropriate the gift of God around you: Gen. 30:27-30; Pro. 18:16


Psalm 92:12
‘The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon’

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