Today we shall conclude the study on the series of prayers that avail by examining more examples from the scriptures. The saints discussed were men of like passion like us. If most of them in the Old Testament through the Spirit of God were able to have their prayers achieve the different purposes for which they were offered, the grace to achieve a greater result is with us now that the Holy Spirit indwells us. God loves our fellowship with him as a father does with his child. I believe that after these studies, the faith to enjoy a fruitful prayer life is already stirred up in us.


Discuss the scriptures below in line with the topic under discussion.

1) II Kg. 6:15-18 The realization that we are not alone in our battles eliminates fear. Faith is released to overcome whatever challenge that comes before us. Elisha was specific about what He wanted God to do for him. The purpose of our prayers should be primarily to glorify God and not to kill our enemies. Judgment should be left to God.

2) II Kg. 19:14-19, 27-28, 32-35 Give God the prime place. Following the threat from the king of Assyria, Hezekiah approached God first before seeking any other assistance. Weapon of praise and worship should be knowledge-based. Discuss your case as a son will do with his father.

3) Jer. 29:11-14 The consciousness that God thinks good of us, gives us the confidence to approach Him. It also helps to strengthen our faith and thereby transform our expectations to reality.

4) Dan. 6:10-22, 26-28Daniel began his prayers with thanksgiving. His faithfulness in matters of the kingdom, holiness, obedience to the work and prayers dedicated to glorifying God were the keys used in making his prayers to avail.

5) Act12:5-7 Persistence in intercession is essential in the release of helpers and agents of fulfilment by God in His time and season.

6) Act13:6-12 When prayer is offered in the power of the Holy Spirit, no contrary power can hinder the manifestation of the answer. The purpose of Paul’s prayer was to glorify God rather than causing permanent blindness for Elymas.

MEMORY VERSE: Jas 5:16b KJV The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

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