Significance of Fasting and Prayer

TEXT: Matthew 17:14- 21

Fasting and Prayers – Importance

Having known the meaning of fasting, prayer and the kind of fast that God accepts from our previous studies on the topic, we shall today, be discussing the importance of fasting and prayer. 

Fasting without praying is akin to a hunger strike. In fasting, our flesh is subdued and our spirit man becomes more sensitive to the Spirit of God. Thus fasting and prayer should go together in order for God to be pleased in our interaction with Him and for us to be subsequently blessed. 

Fasting and prayer enable the faith as small as a mustard seed with the power to move mountains. It is an effective weapon in battles man is faced with as it helps us to connect with God, allowing Him to lead us and take over.

Until the bridegroom returns (Mt. 9:15), may we find joy in fasting and prayer.


Discuss the significance of fasting and prayer:

1) It helps in strengthening our faith:    Mt. 17:20-21

2) It is essential in fulfilling God’s work:    Act 13:2-3;  Act 14:23

3) It helps us to successfully connect with God: Joel 2:12-14; Mt. 9:14-15

4) An effective tool of preparation for warfare: Est. 4:16-17, Est. 5:1-3; Mk. 9:25-29

MEMORY VERSE: Matthew 17:21

“Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting.”

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